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Kris Holmlund

Kris Holmlund


Kris Holmlund and her husband Ted know a little about buying and selling homes.   Kris was born and raised in Great Falls as was her husband Ted.  Kris spent 18 years in the Travel Industry alongside her mother Barb Moe operating 8 travel offices across the state of Montana.  For the past 16 years, Kris has been in Broadcast Sales, 14 of those with KRTV Communications.  Kris and her husband raised three children, Travis, Ted Jr. and Kassie.   Over their 33 year marriage they have bought and sold over 30 homes, North, South, East or West…  they’ve lived there.  
“This is it!” Kris says, she’s finally found her home in what once was a hobby, now turned profession!